Our mission is to break language barriers and provide quality and innovative language and administrative solutions to organizations both locally and internationally.

ILC assists organizations by breaking language barriers between them and both their local and international audiences. Most language solution centers provide translation services to facilitate communication and exchange of information between individuals speaking different languages. We go beyond the traditional translation of written documents to provide recorded interpretation of audio and video statements, speeches or sermons. The task is challenging and time consuming, but our passion and dedication help us overlook the challenges and focus on the result.

We also provide multilingual (English, French …) administrative services to organizations. Many company owners have international ambitions and projects but are limited by language barriers and lack of well-qualified personnel to assume the tasks. We assist with creating and running a ‘French (or another language of your choice) version’ of your company by providing you with the administrative support you need.

Also, there are times when the daily flow of administrative tasks prevents you from focusing on achieving larger objectives. Whether you are building a program from the ground up, solving a short-term need, or shifting responsibilities for the long term, reaching an international audience, ILC is your trusted partner in outsourcing administrative support.

We offer on-site, video remote and telephone interpretation services as well as subtitling and documents translation.